Petra Psychological
Services,  L.L.C.

While there are a variety of places that offer psychological services, many of these services use a "one size fit all " approach to treatment. PPS offers individually tailored services to meet the specific needs of the person.

Our goal is to provide quality, affordable and effective psychological services to all populations.

We offer effective psychological services in treating a variety of adult and childhood disorders, specializing in the treatment of sexual abuse.

PPS provides services for children, youth and adults that struggle with mental health disorders and desire to:

  • Gain an understanding of their diagnoses
  • Gain skills that best fit their personality style and lifestyle to cope with their symptoms
  • Make healthy choices and effectively solve problems 
  • Develop healthy supportive relationships 
  • Increase their productivity 
  • Positively contribute to their communities and families
The purpose of PPS is to guide those who may feel lost to hope by providing effective psychological treatment and services. We desire to support others in raising the productivity of their lives and in the lives of those attached to them so that they may positively contribute to their families and their communities. 

Trainings are offered to assist other mental health providers in meeting the needs of the populations that they serve. 

We accept medical assistance and fee for services for payment.

Sliding scale fee is offered for those without insurance
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